Principal's Message

Last Updated: 8/17/2022 7:07 PM


Dr. Mark Abbondanza, Principal

Welcome to North Strabane Intermediate School. Our school is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students. As an inclusive school, our faculty and staff foster positive social interactions to build a culture that is sensitive to the needs of young adolescents. Teaming is at the heart of the intermediate level. We strive to provide students with engaging collaborative learning experiences to challenge their thinking to problem solve. 

About NSIS.....

Building Theme: Anchored in Excellence
Grade 5 Teams: Barracuda & Explorer & Triton & Nautilus
Grade 6 Teams: Independence & Intrepid
Student Population: Approximately 435
Academic Teachers: 18
Special Education Teachers: 5
Related Arts Teachers: 7 (Art, Band, Physical Education, Music, STEM Innovations)
Paraeducators: 6
Gifted Support Teacher: 1
School Counselor: 1
School Psychologist: 1
Speech & Language Teacher: 1

Reading Specialist: 1

5th Grade: Teams of Two
            Teacher A- Math/Science
            Teacher B- Language Arts/Social Studies

6th Grade: Two teams of five to meet content demands (Departmentalized)
            Social Studies 

Student Support:
            Olweus Anti-Bullying School-Wide Program
            Autistic/Life Skills Support Classroom
            School-Wide Sensory Room
            Co-Teaching & Resource Model

Gifted Support
             Project-based learning
             Kaleidoscope Assessment
             80 minutes of pull-out instruction per week
             Multiple competitions (Lit Fest, CalcuSolve, etc.) throughout the year

Reading Support
             Visualizing and Verbalizing program used for vocabulary and comprehension              
             Wilson program used for students with Dyslexia
             Small group intensive reading instruction 

Parent Communication:
            Connect5 Message (used frequently for parent communication)
            NSIS Webpage
            Teacher-created Twitter accounts
            Teacher-created Instagram accounts
            Remind App
            Team NSIS Twitter Page for School-wide communication

Assessing Student Progress:
            DIBELS ORF used with Reading Support students
            Benchmark Literacy Reading Program (Implemented in 5th grade)
            Benchmark Assessments (5th& 6th Grade Reading/Math/English)

Digital Resources:
            Interactive Projector system in every room
            Every student issued a Chromebook
            Schoology (Learning Management System)