Mr. Ghostman Visited North Strabane Intermediate in Honor of Native American Heritage Month

(Pictured: Mr. Ghostman presenting things from his tribe to North Strabane Intermediate students.)
Posted On: Friday, November 18, 2022

(Pictured: Mr. Ghostman presenting things from his tribe to North Strabane Intermediate students.)

“Native American Heritage has touched every culture on the face of this earth with games, food, etc.”

Mr. Ghostman told students today at North Strabane Intermediate. He went on to explain why and how in assemblies for every class in the school. He was visiting the school in honor of November being national Native American Heritage month. He said it would cost a small fortune for the school to go to a museum (between transportation, stopping for lunch,etc.) and this is more interactive and fun for the kids as well. Mr. Ghostman had a general list of things that he discusses but he mostly lets the kids lead the discussion by letting them ask questions. 

For example, he explained that his face was painted black because this is his “death face”. His tribe used color on their faces as a way of expressing themselves and they use almost every color – black, red, yellow, pink, etc. His entire outfit was made from the hides of different animals. Even the things that were around his neck – bear claws, represents qualities that they would like to be, to his medicine bag, to his knife. Mr. Ghostman joked that he is not losing his hair, that his hair style actually announces that he is a warrior.

He brought a drum made out of animal skin, a shaker made out of a turtle shell and a flute that was in a bag made out of a baby bear’s skin. Food is another topic that was discussed and he asked the students to raise their hands if they ate any of the same foods that they ate such as; corn including popcorn, maple syrup, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

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