NSIS Teams and CIS Students CRUSHED It at the CalcuCrush Challenge Hosted by NSIS

(Pictured from left to right: First Place Team - Katie O., Claire K,, Charlotte K., Ellie A.)
Posted On: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Fifth and Sixth grade students participated in this year's CalcuCrush hosted by North Strabane Intermediate School. Teams from Trinity, McGuffey, Chartiers-Houston and Cecil competed in four CRUSHING rounds of mathematics problem solving. The top three teams were all from North Strabane. The top two scoring fifth graders were from Cecil.

This is for the Washington County Gifted Consortium.  Events are planned for gifted support students. For example, K-3 gifted support students will attend Trinity next Tuesday for another different math competition. Congrats to all participants!

Click here for more photos!

First Place Team: Katie O., Claire K,, Charlotte K., Ellie A.:

first place team


Second Place Team: Miles B. and Camden C.:

2nd place team


Third Place Team: Melody G, Edward R., Alex J. and Isaiah L.:

third place team


CIS fifth grader Emma won first place, and CIS fifth grader Nicholas won second place:

CIS Students

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