Social Media Informational Letter for Elementary/Intermediate Parents

Pictured: The opening slide of Dr. Taranto's Presentation: "Challenges for Today’s Children: Social Media & Vaping”
Posted On: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Dear Canon-McMillan Elementary & Intermediate School Parents/Guardians:

Social media continues to be more and more a part of everyone’s lives and at younger ages. While social media has provided a number of benefits, it has also brought on a number of challenges and problems. In particular, it continues to be the number one antecedent to discipline problems in our schools. However, those problems reach well beyond our schools and our students are making decisions on social media that have long-term consequences.

In years past, a focus on social media education has been placed at the middle school level with some casual discussion at the intermediate level. To assist our students, we are bringing a stronger focus at the elementary and intermediate school levels. The Canon-McMillan K-6 Guidance Department collaborated and formulated an educational plan to cover topics on online safety, appropriate use, and cyberbullying. When these lessons are taught, a parent handout will go home to help make you more aware of discussion points.

Our guidance department has also put together this Guide to Social Media for Parents. The best approach to helping protect children from making poor decisions online is parental awareness and a continual discussion at home.

Finally, we strongly urge you to attend a special evening Parent Council Meeting on March 21, 2023 at 6:00 PM in the new Canon-McMillan Middle School Auditorium. The presentation, “Challenges for Today’s Children: Social Media & Vaping” will provide you with all the necessary information and tips on helping protect your child. The elementary level is the ideal time to become aware and start on a path to prevention. When it comes to social media and vaping, it is often too late to start the discussion in middle school. Following the presentation, we will have a special community open house to allow you to tour the new middle school.


Dr. Taranto, Assistant to the Suprintendent for K-6


Tracie Sohyda, Elementary Guidance Department Head

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