Canon-McMillan School District Welcomes New Teachers for the 2022-2023 School Year

New Teachers for the 2022-2023 School Year
Posted On: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Please join us in welcoming the following new teachers to our district for the 2022-2023 school year.

Click here for a brief video to get to know them!

Sarah Boice

Sarah Boice,

Choir and other music classes at 

Canon-McMillan High School

Christina Bordini

Christina Bordini,

Kindergarten at

Borland Manor Elementary and Wylandville Elementary

Sherry Errigo

Sherry Errigo,

Algebra and Geometry at

Canon-McMillan High School

Catherine Fox

Catherine Fox,

Emotional Support at

Muse Elementary

Joshua Godwin

Joshua Godwin,

Ninth Grade Science at

Canon-McMillan High School

Shantel Gubanish

Shantel Gubanish,

Life Skills and Autistic Support at

Borland Manor Elementary

Jessica Hanson

Jessica Hanson,

Second Grade at

Hills-Hendersonville Elementary

Andrew Harmon

Andrew Harmon,

Algebra 1A and Geometry at

Canon-McMillan High School

Victoria Hartman

Victoria Hartman,

Physics and PA Science

Canon-McMillan High School

Amanda Jerabek,

Amanda Jerabek,

Third Grade at

South Central Elementary

Michelle Klinger

Michelle Klinger,

Special Education at

Canon-McMillan High School

Keri Merklin

Keri Merklin,

Music, Band and Choir at

Hills-Hendersonville Elementary and Borland Manor Elementary

Jordan Miles

Jordan Miles,

English Learning Support at

Canon-McMillan High School

Francis Paciaroni

Francis Paciaroni,

Seventh and Eighth Grade Math at

Canonsburg Middle School

Maria Phyrillas

Maria Phyrillas,

Third Grade at 

Wylandville Elementary

Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith,

Spanish 1 at

Canonsburg Middle School and

Canon-McMillan High School

Myresa Sobocinski

Myresa Sobocinski,

Speech Therapist at

Hills-Hendersonville Elementary and Cecil Intermediate

Mikki Van Kirk

Mikki Van Kirk,

Kindergarten, Life Skills and Autistic Support at 

Borland Manor Elementary

Kali Wesolowski

Kali Wesolowski,

Life Skills at 

Canon-McMillan High School

Laura Wise

Laura Wise,

Sixth Grade Math at

North Strabane Intermediate School

Lindsay Svitek

Lindsay Young (Svitek),

Third Grade at 

Muse Elementary

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