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Dr. Abbondanza
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Mrs. Abbondanza
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  Miss John


5th Grade Orientation: The following videos provide an overview of NSIS for fifth grade parents. These videos are being providing to help parents learn about the intermediate school. Additional videos will be provided later in August about safety procedures related to Covid-19.

Part 1: Overview of Intermediate School
Part 2: Overview of Teams, Daily Schedule and Related Arts
Part 3: Overview of Programs to Support Students
Part 4: Overview of Arrival and Dismissal
Part 5: Overview of Lunch, Schoology, Reporting Progress, and Social Networks

Meet the Fifth Grade Teachers and Guidance Counselor: You received communication about your child's homeroom and team of teachers. Each fifth grade teacher created a video to introduce themselves to help your child learn about their new classroom. Click on your child(ren)'s teachers name to watch their video. 

Mrs. Abbondanza (Guidance Counselor)

Mrs. Kelemen (HR 102)
Mrs. Burnsworth (HR 104)

Mrs. Kramer (HR 108)
Mrs. Snyder (HR 110)

Mrs. Zimmerman (HR 107)
Miss Burns (HR 109)

Mrs. Blum (HR 112)
Mr. Zimmerman& Mrs. Fiscus (HR 111)

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures: Parents who drop their children off in the morning or pick up their children up in the afternoon must use the parent loop.  Click here to view a visual of our school's pick-up and drop off locations. 

Career Day: The 5th grade annual Career Day will be held in May, 2020. Information will be shared later this year for parents to volunteer to share about their career. 

Dress Code: Check out the NSIS Dress Code visual to always 'Dress for Success. Click here to view the dress code.

Maturation & Wonders of Wonder Instruction: During fifth grade, boys and girls will learn about the natural changes that take place in their bodies via two programs, Maturation and Wonder of Wonders & All about HIV. Communication will be shared in advance of this program taking place. All sixth graders will participate in this program during the 2020-2021 school year due to being canceled from COVID-19 school closures.

Maturation Videos: The following videos will be used in addition to instruction from the school nurse to teach fifth graders about maturation. 

Report Card Directions: Please see link for directions on accessing your child's Quarterly Grade Report through Powerschool. 

Severe Allergy Information:  Severe allergic triggers and reactions will be shared with the students during the first week of school.  All parents will also receive the guidelines via an email blast the first week of school. Click here for a digital copy of the handout.

Six Pillars of Character:  Throughout the school year NSIS will embed character education lessons each month around a particular theme associated to the Six Pillars of Character. We believe that teaching students about the Six Pillars will help them develop good character. Click here to view the Six Pillars of Character.

Student Handbook: The handbook contains information related to school/district information, rules, guidelines, etc. pertaining to intermediate school. The handbook is located on the front page of the NSIS website on the left side. 

Too Good For Drugs: To inform intermediate level students about the negative effects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, 5th and 6th graders participate in the evidence-based curriculum "Too Good For Drugs" for 10 weeks. The program will be taught by Officer Hart. Communication will be sent prior to instruction beginning during the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.