Muse's Epic Build 2nd Round Keynote Speakers

Everything from the large group of introduction speakers to the kindergarten’s houses they built out of Legos continued to impress parents of Muse Elementary students at their second round of Epic Build Showcases today. Each classroom’s projects had similar themes to the other schools’ but they each had their own creative spin on it as well.

For example when talking to a group of kindergarteners from Mrs. Vayansky’s class, they were excited to show off their houses, each using a different style. One kindergartner was proud that his house had three doors! When asked if the project was difficult for them they said yes but the fourth graders were there to help them which made it easier.

Speaking of fourth graders, their project was to research different cities in the U.S. One fourth grader from Mrs. Stealy’s class chose Baltimore because he was a fan of the Ravens. When asked what the hardest part of his project was, he said it was creating the roller coasters for six flags. Another student picked New York City and loved showing off the empire state building. Each student also created travel brochures that described each landmark that they coded.

The final school to present their second round of Epic Build Showcases is Hills-Hendersonville and it will be on Tuesday, February 25. The third round of Epic Build Showcases will be in May (Wednesday, May 20th specifically for Muse).

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