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POWER - Teamology Picture

We incorporated our School Wide Positive Behavior Plan with TEAMOLOGY this year. We focus on a character each month and highlight their trait(special POWER) with the students. Students can earn a ticket when they are demonstrating the character each month and get their photo on the Principal's 200 Club chart in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Once we complete a row or column, those students in the winning row/column win a prize. 

In January, we focused on Harper and her special power of Helping Others.

Harper Picture

Here is a picture of the winning row students from January:

Principal 200 Club Winning Row Students January



In February, we focused on Paco and his special power of Positive Change.

Paco picture - Positive Change

Here are the winning row students from February:

Principal 200 row winners - February 2021



In March, we focused on Amelia and her special power of Anti-Bullying. 

Amelia picture - anti-bullying

Here are the winning row students from March:

Principal 200 Club Winning Row students March