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Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases Continued at Wylandville and South Central

wylandville epic build showcaases

Elementary students continue to showcase what they have created with coding at our Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases.  Today, the elementary schools that were featured were Wylandville Elementary in the morning and South Central Elementary in the afternoon.

Each grade integrated coding into the curriculum in different ways.  One first grade class chose an “All About Me” theme for their integration and even hung their prep work fliers. One student had his voice recording an introduction to the project and then the project showed things like a pizza he drew because that was his favorite food and glasses were also in the project because he loves Harry Potter. Another first grade class focused on different seasons. For example, one student from this class showcased what the trees do during the different seasons. 

Second grade teachers taught the life cycle of a butterfly, similar to Borland Manor’s second graders. Third graders chose the branches of government as their theme and used if/then statements as well as menu buttons for their projects. Third grader Madelyn Zirngibl said the coding part was the hardest out of the project. Her teacher, Ms. Mollie Huffman said last year they did rocks for cycle 1 but decided to save that for the Mindcraft section of the Epic Build Showcases. She said she loves this program because they were able to take something they were already strong with, like the branches of government, and were able to work it into the Epic Build Showcases.

Fourth graders at Wylandville got to pick from a number of different themes to describe their personal narrative. They had a wide range of options to pick from ranging from different sports like soccer or hockey to fairies, which was Campbell Garner's choice. Fourth grader Campbell said it could get hard because sometimes when you messed up you had to start back at the beginning of the project, but the class helped each other when it got hard. Her teacher, Mrs. Charlene Rinehart said she loves seeing this program encourage teamwork. On Friday there was an issue that everybody in the class had trouble coming up with a solution for. They all put their heads together and before Mrs. Charlene Rinehart could contact Mrs. Natalie Dominick Heckman and Tyler Kletch teaching the class!Sanchez, the Code to the Future district coach, two of the students (Dominick Heckman and Tyler Kletch that are pictured) found a solution to help the students’ coding problem. They then continued to teach the rest of the class the solution that they found.

The rest of the elementary schools will be presenting their Code to the Future Epic Build Cycle 1 Showcases on the following days:

  • Thursday, October 31st at 9:30 a.m. – Hills-Hendersonville Elementary
  • Wednesday, November 13th at 8:30 a.m. – Muse Elementary

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