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Results are IN! Students Loved Zoo in the Classroom!

Zoo in the Classroom

Friday, October 18th concluded the Zoo in the Classroom presentations where students from Environmental Science and Zoology presented animals to 2nd graders in the district. It's clear that this new program that Mrs. Chelsea Geist created was a hit! When asked what they will remember most about this project, many of the high school students students said they will definitely remember interacting with the second graders and the kids' reactions to their animals. Read some of the student's direct quotes on what they loved and will remember most about this program, 

"Seeing some of the kids' faces light up when they saw an animal they liked or when they held it was really fun because they had so much energy and were fun to talk with about the animals." - Adam C.

"I will remember interacting with the elementary students and learning how to meaningfully connect with them. Seeing the kids get excited to learn about the animals was a great experience." - Anastasia H.

"I will remember how excited every single second grader was to see all of the animals." - Molly D.

"The most memorable experience by far was interacting with the kids. Whether it being playing animal hangman or showing the kids new animals the joy in their eyes brightened my day." - Michael R.

"The most memorable part of this experience was getting to see the excitement on the students' faces when they approached an animal they maybe recognized or something they've never seen before. It was so cool getting to see them getting excited about the same thing I get to do every day in class." - Charlize G.

"I'd probably remember the pure passion the kids had to watch and learn about the animals. And what a great memory the kids will have of coming up to the High School to a "Zoo"." - Himanshu B.

"The way the kids' faces lit up with they got to hold an animal." - Atharv B.

"I will remember a lot about this experience as it allows us high schoolers to meet with young kids and teach them more about our passion of animals and getting them interested in animals." - Luke P.

"I will remember how interested the kids were in the animals which made me want to teach them all I could about that animal." - Lorien Walker

"When a child would come to my station, eyes wide, mouth gaping and fingers itching with excitement to touch and hold my animal is something that will continue to make me smile. It was my favorite part of the whole project - when a kid's delight at seeing an animal mirrored my own reaction." - Alicia Z.

"I will best remember my interactions with all of the second graders for Zoo in the Classroom. It was an amazing, hands-on experience to show the kids about the animals in Mrs. Geist's room. It taught me how to express my ideas about the animals in different ways that the kids could understand." - Caroline M.

"I'll remember the shock on the kids' faces when they saw me holding the cockraches and when they themselves held them if they were brave enough." - Morgan T.

"I really enjoyed this experience. I love teaching so I loved this opportunity. I twas very rewarding to work with second graders because we got to experience a whole new perspective." - Evy M.

"I will remember the interactions I had with the kids, because I hope to be a mother some day and it was extremely fun and rewarding to interact with all of the kids." - Kaylee C.

Mrs. Geist hopes to bring the program back each year and make it bigger and better each year as well! 

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