Cecil Intermediate Sixth Grader Claire Won First Place in Local Math 24 Competition

(Pictured: CIS Sixth Grader Claire.)
Posted On: Monday, October 24, 2022

(Pictured: CIS Sixth Grader Claire.)

Cecil Intermediate's Gifted Support Teacher Ms. Wilson took her students to Washington High School to participate in the Math 24 Competition.  It involved school districts such as Fort Cherry, Washington, Canon-McMillan, McGuffey, Avella, and Trinity.  Students competed in groups of four.  Each group typically had students from one of the districts listed above. 

Math 24 is a game where students had to make the number 24 with only the four numbers on the card they were given.  Students were able to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Each number on the card could only be used once.  Each competitor was required to find how to solve it the fastest to win the card.  The cards also had dots in the corners that told the point value and the level of difficulty.  Three dot cards, for example, were the hardest and the 1 dot cards were the easiest.  The student who won first place participated in all three rounds with a total score of 70 points in the 6th grade division.  The second highest score was in the 50s.  

Claire from CIS won first place with a score of 70 after all three rounds. Congrats Claire-awesome job!!

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