Hills-Hendersonville Elementary Closes Out An Impressive Second Round of Epic Build Showcases

Hills-Hendersonville's Fourth Grade Keynote Speakers!

Hills-Hendersonville Elementary closed out the second round of Epic Build Showcases and continued to impress parents and family members with their presentations. The keynote speakers for Hills-Hendersonville, as with the other elementary schools, got off to a fantastic start! They summarized what they did in the first round, what each grade level did and what they plan to do in the third round.

Again, though each grade level had similar themes to the other schools, each presentation was very different. For example while all of the second graders from every school learned about the history of Pennsylvania, every map looked different, even in the different classrooms. They chose different landmarks and presented them differently as well.

While one third grade class at Wylandville had each group research a different continent, a third grade class at Hills-Hendersonville focused on life from a pond. Each group presented information about animals like Rosie the turtle,  Rocky the Tadpole and more. They created a booklet that described what each group presented facts about and how they did it.

“Lego WeDo 2.0 – this is the software that we used to program our LEGO robots to move, make sounds and change color. Using physical and digital creation, WeDo 2.0 enables students to develop computational thinking skills and transform them directly into programming solutions that interact with the real world.”

While that class presented as an entire class some groups from other classes presented their projects in individual groups.

Something that stood out at Hills-Hendersonville from the other schools were the posters that were hung in each classroom. Parents and family members could write an encouraging phrase or comment on something they learned during these presentations. As shown in the pictures of these on Facebook, everyone was impressed with the second round of Epic Build Showcases!

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