Canon-McMillan Senior Dylan Landucci Won First Place in the Fall 2022 Creative Task Challenge for CMU CS Academy

(Pictured: A slide of the project that won for Canon-McMillan.)
Posted On: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Congratulations to Dylan Landucci (grade 12) for winning 1st Place in the Fall 2022 Creative Task Challenge for CMU CS Academy!  He recreated a version of the retro game Donkey Kong using Python code and concepts learned in Unit 12 of the CMU CS Academy course curriculum (which is CS2 in Python at CMHS).  CMU CS Academy will be sending an award pin and certificate to Dylan, and stickers for the whole class.  Congratulations Dylan!  

Dylan Landucci's Winning Project link

Xzavyer Adams (grade 11) and Nathan McWilliams (grade 12) also submitted projects for the competition.  You can view their projects here:    

Xzavyer Adams' Project link

Nathan McWilliams' Project link

In the last two units of CS2 in Python, students learn Python programming concepts that can be used for basic game development (using the CMU Graphics Library) and can apply those concepts to create projects that showcase their talents, skills, and abilities -- as well as their interests and creativity.  These games are examples of some of the really cool final projects that these students created for CS2 in Python.  Great job everyone!

You can view slides of all the Fall 2022 Creative Task Challenge winning projects from different schools by clicking here.

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