Three Student Members of CMSH Youth Traffic Safety Committee Participated in PennDOT Fieldtrip

(Pictured: The three Canon-McMillan students at the PennDOT Facility.)
Posted On: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Three student members of the CMSH Youth Traffic Safety Committee, juniors Nia Zepeda Olvera and Ashley Cole and sophomore Lilly Thornbury, attended a field trip at the PennDOT facility in Eighty Four, PA with several other local high schools during which they learned about the following:

  • Penn DOT's role in snow removal, what the plow drivers do, and how to exercise snow plow caution and driving safety during the winter months
  • Penn DOT's job opportunities as well as summer internships for high school students pursuing both Engineering-related and non-Engineering related opportunities
  • State Highway Troopers also spoke to the group about traffic safety, facts and statistics on accidents, and scenarios including real-life stories about traffic accidents and fatalities due to distracted and impaired driving.

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