$3,500 Raised by Canon-McMillan Middle and High School for the International Rescue Committee

(Pictured:  International Rescue Committee's logo)
Posted On: Monday, March 13, 2023


The No Place for Hate Club at Canon-McMillan High School spearheaded a Humanitarian Drive that ran in early March. All donations collected were sent to the International Rescue Committee to assist the victims of the earthquake that devastated parts of Turkey and Syria a month ago. The death tolls have peaked over 50,000 to date. The International Rescue Committee helps all victims; humans and animals suffering due to the earthquake. 

In conjunction with Canon-McMillan High School, Canon-McMillan Middle School also participated. When Canon-McMillan High School English and Holocaust and Genocide Studies teacher and No Place for Hate Club Sponsor Ms. Pankiewicz first got hired in the district, she spent two years at the Middle School and was lucky to make friendships that have lasted to this day. She would like to personally thank Melissa Bardella, Vince Faith and Ken Schrag for their support. She would also like to thank Canon-McMillan High School Principal Brittany Taylor, Academic Principal Jenna Handra and Academic Principal Thomas Orr for their constant support as well. Ms. Pankiewicz said it’s important to set an example for her students,

It is important to me that I set an example and teach my students to not just learn the history, but to live it. To apply it to their life and to do as much good as they can.”

For a minimum of $5, staff was able to dress down for the week in March. She also asked every teacher to collect donations in their classes. There was no reward for this because she wanted students to give for purely altruistic reasons.

The theme days staff could participate in, if they contributed to the cause, included the following: On Monday March 6th staff members were asked to wear red because it is a part of the Turkish and Syrian flags. It marked the one month anniversary of the earthquake. On Tuesday March 7th staff members were asked to wear gray  and they were reminded to never be bystanders when injustice or tragedy occur.  On Wednesday March 8th staff was asked to wear white for  International Women's Day. White was the symbolic color of the Women's Suffrage Movement and has become synonymous with Women's Rights. On Thursday March 9th staff was asked to wear Blue in hope for better days, a better world… On Friday March 10th staff was asked to wear Black and stand with all beings - humans and animals - promoting solidarity, strength and resiliency.

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