CM Act 36 Notification - SUPPORT FACILITY HERBICIDE 52423

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Posted On: Monday, May 22, 2023

Notice of Herbicide Application-


A Herbicide Application is planned for the location(s) listed on this sign for:   5/24&25/23


Do Not Enter Treated Areas from


9:00 AM _5/24&25/23  until 8:00 PM _5/26/23___


      Location(s) – SUPPORT FACILITY


                           For more Information Contact:


Jurdon Maier


186 Boone Avenue, Strabane, PA  15363





724-745-1941, ext. 9002



            Date Posted / by      __5/22/23__________________


            Date Removed/ by   __5/26/23___________________


This sign is required by Act 36 of 2002 and must be posted at least 72 hours prior to any non-emergency herbicide application and remain in place for at least 48 hours following the application.  For emergency herbicide applications this sign must be posted at the time of the application and remain in place for at least 48 hours from the conclusion of the application. To be removed by authorized personnel only.


Weed Control Information Sheet


Date: ______5/24&25/23____________________


                Location: _SUPPORT FACILITY



            Action: ___WEED CONTROL_____________


A pest inspection and pesticide application have been scheduled for the above schools


This school district utilizes an Integrated Pest Management program, applying appropriate pesticides only when needed. Our applicators will select the most appropriate pesticides(s) from the following list of pesticides to control pests identified during their inspections. Not every pesticide listed may be used.


List of Pesticides, which may be used:

            Brand Name                           EPA Registration Number








For Additional Information Contact:



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