Wylandville’s Interim School Counselor, Megan Hoffman, to Design a Neighborhood Learning Map with WQED through the Ready to Learn Grant

(Pictured: Wylandville’s Interim School Counselor, Megan Hoffman)
Posted On: Thursday, May 25, 2023

(Pictured: Wylandville’s Interim School Counselor, Megan Hoffman)

Wylandville’s Interim School Counselor, Megan Hoffman, has been working closely with WQED through the Ready to Learn Grant to design a neighborhood learning map. Part of a five year partnership with WQED, Frank Sarris Public Library, City Mission, and Blueprints. Much of the work being done is to help children build vital skills to succeed in the workforce. By providing a wide variety of career options, elementary age students are able to explore the careers in their neighborhood in an age-appropriate way. The partnership also works with parents to help guide their children on a path to success in all aspects of their lives. For more information on the Ready-to-Learn Initiative, click here!

The World of Work project has reached the mid-way point and celebrated on Saturday, May 20 at the Frank Sarris Public Library with the unveiling of the World of Work Marketplace. Wylandville Elementary School was represented by Mrs. Hoffman as a partner presenter, along with Blueprints and City Mission. The event was well attended and included a variety of local businesses demonstrating what it takes to find success in their respective fields. For a full list of vendors in attendance, click here!

Throughout the year, Mrs. Hoffman took students to various businesses in the Wylandville community, to include: Linden Creek Dairy, Canon-Hill Veterinary Clinic, Chrome Federal Credit Union, Chicco Baccello, and Washington Health Systems. Students had the opportunity to research the jobs, create interview questions, and conduct interviews on site. The students got behind the scenes tours of every location as well. These interviews were featured at the World of Work Marketplace on May 20, 2023. The interviews will be posted to www.wqed.org in the coming days.

In addition to the work in our community, Mrs. Hoffman’s students also interviewed staff members in various jobs within Wylandville Elementary School. Often when we think of working in a school, our minds go straight to teaching jobs. The students discovered there is so much more: principal, secretary, nurse, school resource officer, speech therapist, school counselor, and paraeducator. All of the interviews are available on WQED’s website as well: www.wqed.org

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