Muse Elementary Lifts Spirits with "Pot of Kindness"

Muse students look for their names on their Pot of Kindness wall
Posted On: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Pictured: Two Second graders looking for their name on the Pot of Kindness in the second grade hall at Muse Elementary.

The second grade teachers at Muse Elementary wanted to shift what could be thought of as a tough year for everybody where everything seemed negative and down to a year filled with kindness, love and hope. They therefore decided that spreading kindness would be their theme this year, and it worked alongside their Teamology school wide program. 

Jess Auman came up with an idea of a pot of gold and having students write adjectives on the gold coins about each other in her classroom. This then developed into a grade level kindness activity displayed in the second grade hallway. The students were working on adjectives in grammar which tied nicely into their curriculum with the children either using adjectives in a sentence or using many different adjectives to describe their classroom buddies. In Mrs. Bileck's classroom they read a story “The Class Promise”, this was part of the school wide behavior program. This is a story where a new student uses unkind words to describe his new classmates. As a class they discussed how it felt when somebody says something mean, and how it felt when somebody says something nice. They discussed nice qualities that people have and how everybody is different, unique and what makes them special. 

Each student in second grade was given a “gold” coin and were asked to write their name on the front. These were then shuffled and passed around the class. Each coin has at least  three different adjectives or kind messages on them. 

Second grade teacher Mrs. Bileck said she loved seeing the students' reactions to things that were said about them,

"While completing this activity, I found the children were very excited to share nice things about their friends with others. It led to discussions in the classroom and children were saying thank you to each other. The best part is seeing the children stop at the bulletin board looking for their name and reading all the kind words about themselves, sharing with other students and looking for other students who have similar qualities. It is a wall of smiles!"


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