CM Student Erin DeLong Created First Mural for Canon-McMillan High School's Courtyard by the Rear Entrance for Eagle Scout Project

Administrators stand with student Erin DeLong and her father in front of the mural.
Posted On: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

(Pictured from left to right: Superintendent Michael Daniels, CM Student Erin DeLong, Mr. Christopher DeLong, Principal Ken Crowley and Director of Facilities and Transportation Jurdon Maier in front of one of Ms. DeLong's recently finished murals.)

During the May 2022 School Board Meeting, Canon-McMillan's Board of School Directors approved the opportunity for rising senior Erin DeLong to paint a mural on Canon-McMillan High School's courtyard walls by the rear entrance. This would be apart of her final service project for the Eagle Scouts. 

According to the Boy Scouts of America website, the final project is all about service,

"Service to other people is what Scouting is all about. In many ways, your service project reflects who you are as a youth leader. Your result should be of significant impact in your community to be special, and should represent your very best effort."

Ms. DeLong's project represents a significant impact because though her mural is the first in this courtyard, the high school plans to add to it or refresh it every three or four years. Ms. DeLong says it's more than just art because it can be used as a learning tool as well,

"My Eagle Scout project is an interactive mural that can be used as learning tool with the Canon McMillan High School Early Childhood Education Class. Some ways it can be used are for identifying seasons, numbers, colors, and shapes and also targets to develop large motor skills. There are also small details that can be used as a scavenger hunt. I chose to do this particular project because I really enjoyed working with the preschool students and wanted to do something to enhance their experience while playing outside."

Congratulations to Ms. DeLong on completing a beautiful project! 

CM Student Erin DeLong Stands in front of one of her murals. There were three total.

CM Student Erin DeLong Stands in front of one of her murals. There were three total.


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