Canon-McMillan School District Looks to Uphold History and Boost School Pride with Logo and Mascot Redesign

(Pictured: The new logo.)
Posted On: Tuesday, August 16, 2022

(Pictured: The new logo.)

The new Big Macs CMCanon-McMillan School District is excited to promote a refresh of their mascot and logo.

“Decade after decade, Canon-McMillan’s blue and gold CM and Fighting “Big Mac” Highlander have proudly represented a tenacious, hard-working and close-knit community,” stated Superintendent Michael Daniels. “As we move into the future, Canon-McMillan School District will continue its commitment to excellence with a bold, refreshed brand that reflects our growth, vision and refusal to be mediocre.”

Canonsburg, Cecil Township and North Strabane Township merging in 1954 is how the school district came to be Canon-McMillan School District. The district continues to grow, which has prompted the recently built Muse Elementary School, the renovation and expansion of our Canon-McMillan Senior High School, the renovation of our the Allegheny Health Network Field at the Canon-McMillan Memorial Stadium, the soon to be completed new Canon-McMillan Middle School and, our next project, a new Wylandville Elementary School.  As the School District continues to expand and advance toward a bright, strong future, it will strive to ensure its brand reflects that same vision and growth.

The new Fighting Big Mac honors the Big Mac legacy and those who pioneered the Canon-McMillan School District. Rooted in the Scottish and Irish Highlander tradition, the refreshed Big Mac retains its Highlander history but with a noticeable edge and tenacity that reflects the District’s growing capabilities, determination and vision for the future.

The district has been transparent with its Branding process from inception. Like every other formal, School Board led committee meeting, the Branding Committee announced each of its meetings by posting public advertisements, conducted its meetings open to the public and made minutes from those meetings available. There were a variety of different staff members present at the meetings from teachers to board members and administration to support staff members. The details of the process can be found in the public minutes on the district’s website at The concepts pictured are what were presented to the board for voting at the June 29, 2022 School Board Meeting. The concepts passed with a seven to two vote at this meeting. 

Lastly, the Branding Committee has proposed from its first meeting to phase in the new brand through the School District’s normally scheduled renewal cycle for facilities, uniforms and other District branded merchandise. Close attention has been given to the fiscal impact of the project and the Branding Committee has never deviated from a low-cost, fiscally responsible vision for the development and gradual implementation of the refreshed brand. We understand the historical brand will continue to be present and remind us of our deep legacy as we phase the refreshed brand into our culture, facilities and community. We have always been - and will continue to be - Big Mac proud.


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