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Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases Continued at Hills-Hendersonville Elementary

2019 Hills-Hendersonville Code to the Future
Posted On: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

On Halloween this year parents of Hills-Hendersonville Elementary students got to experience a special treat this year – the Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases! The keynote speakers at the beginning of the presentations - Abby Zinn, Tommy Laird, Abby Keefer, Liam Longacre, Joseph McCaffery and Jamisyn Kolaczynski, did an excellent job and mentioned that this was their third year in the program and that this year they integrated what they had learned in the previous years with things they were studying like science and math. Speaker Abby mentioned that she liked computer science because it taught her that she can have fun while learning other skills. Another student, Colton, mentioned in the slides that he liked the program because his Grandpap works in computer science so he got know how his Grandpap’s job works. 

Hills’ grades themes were similar to the other elementary schools but still a bit different in their own ways:

  • First grade incorporated their coding with language arts and science.
  • Second grade integrated what they learned with the lifecycle of a butterfly.
  • Third grade used the branches of government.
  • Fourth grade used the solar system in their projects.

For example for one fourth grade class they chose their favorite planet and then listed five facts about that planet. Fourth grader Elias chose Mars and he thought the hardest thing about the project was designing the characters. Chloe and Nico from third grade both had different levels of their games – easy, medium and hard. There was one game where their characters, President Trump and Vice President Pence raced each other. They both agreed that the coding aspect of the project was the hardest. The second graders at Hills-Hendersonville had a game about the lifecycle of a butterfly, similar to the other second graders in the district. However, it was interesting to see how each student depicted the project differently. Second grader Sophia, for example had her character start off as a fairy that changed color, and then when she went to different parts in the maze her character changed into an egg, a caterpillar, etc. Some of the students just had their character go to the different cycles of a butterfly and a sentence would pop up about it, while Sophia’s character actually changed into the cycle. Finally, one first grade class had their games dealing with the seasons and picked their favorite season. First grader Hope, for example, had pictures of a penguin and a snowman and excitedly exclaimed that she also knew how to code a snow castle.

The last Epic Build Showcase will be at Muse Elementary on Wednesday, November 13th at 8:30 a.m.

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