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Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases Continued at Muse Elementary Today

Muse Keynote Speakers
Posted On: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Muse Elementary continued the Code to the Future Epic Build Showcases today, making them the final showcases for the Cycle 1. The keynote speakers (pictured - Blake Vollmer, Emma Monacelli, Patrick Corr III, Samantha Pratt, Madison Attenberger, Owen Garczewski, Jon Taczak and Leila Rea) did an excellent job with their introduction to the program and mentioned some key facts about the program, like how this was the second year for Muse Elementary. Some other things that the keynote speakers mentioned were what some of the other teachers thought about the program. According to the speakers one teacher loved how hands-on the program was and that it got their students to think outside the box. Another teacher loved how the program brings imagination to life. Similar to the other schools, after this cycle students will learn about analog and robotics in Cycle 2, and then data and Minecraft education in Cycle 3.

First grader FrankieFirst graders at Muse did three projects: one was an “All About Me”, another was learning about the seasons and the third project was about Old McDonald. For All About Me they put their picture in the middle and then placed pictures of things they liked around it. For the seasons, one student used trees and described what each tree did in each season, similar to what other schools have done. The project that was the most different and difficult for these first graders was the Old McDonald project. They had two people characters as farmers and then each animal that you clicked on revealed the sound that the animal made. First grader Frankie (pictured) said the hardest part for her was coding the sounds while Brandon said the hardest part for him was drawing the people.

Muse Elementary second graders had a choice between two projects: some chose to do the second grader Quintenlifecycle of a butterfly (which was similar to other schools), while others chose to incorporate nouns into their project. The noun project was a maze where they had to get their character to each word that was a noun and if they hit a word that was not a noun they went back to the beginning of the maze. Second grader Quinten (pictured) said the hardest part about this project was coding the straight lines in the maze. He was very proud of the sentence that popped up at the end of the maze that exclaimed “You are a noun ninja!”

third grader loreleiThird graders at Muse created a racing game that involved science and their pet rocks. Third grader Lorelei (pictured) said it was a pretty easy project for her, but sizing and placing the text was difficult. Fourth graders at Muse had a number of different projects that they could choose from. Mr. Grice’s class did a warm up project and then their project involved space. Fourth grader Ellie said that the hardest part of this project for her was creating her character. Another theme fourth graders at Muse used was “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”, which is a book they are reading for their grade and still another theme was multiplication.

Guests from other districts like Pine Richland, Carmichael, and Burgettstown were also in attendance at this Epic Build Showcase, invited by Code to the Future to see if they wanted to implement this program into their districts.

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