Pittsburgh Zoo Visits Muse Elementary

Alexa and Mandy from Pittsburgh Zoo

Canon-McMillan School District would like to thank Alexa and Mandy from the Pittsburgh Zoo for visiting Muse Elementary this afternoon to educate them about the rainforest. They educated all grade levels on the importance of rainforests, what they’re like and what they can do to help save the rainforests. Things like recycling, turning off lights, turning off faucets, and using less plastic are all things that can be done.

 Kinkajou They also taught them about the different layers of the rainforest: emergent, canopy, understory and the forest floor. The guests they brought were from the bottom three layers: eighteen year old Kinkajou from the canopy layer, the 23 year skinkold Skink named Goober from the understory layer, and the Hundorian Milk Snake from the forest floor.




Thanks again to the Pittsburgh Zoo for coming to educate Muse Elementary Students and introducing their exciting guests!

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