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Administrative Directory

District Office Administration


Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Michael Daniels


Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Scott Chambers


Assistant to the Superintendent /
Curriculum & Instruction for K-6

Dr. Greg Taranto


Assistant to the Superintendent/
Curriculum & Instruction
for 7-12
Mr. Ken Crowley


Director of Business & Finance
Ms. Joni Mansmann



Director of Facilities and Transportation
Mr. Jurdon Maier


Director of Human Resources/
Compliance Officer

Mr. Timothy McCullough M.S.


Athletic Director
Mr. Frank Vulcano



Director of Technology
Mr. Justin Heckman


Food Service Director
Ms. Erin Bandi


Director of Special Education
Mrs. Becky Lieb


Communications Department


Special Education Coordinator
Mrs. Kelsey Oberly

Facilities Coordinator
Mr. Karl Herald
Transportation Coordinator
Ms. Andrea Carnahan

Federal Programs Coordinator
Dr. Scott Chambers


School Safety and Security Coordinator
Dr. Scott Chambers


 Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Greg Taranto


Homeless Liaison
Dr. Scott Chambers


Open Records Officer
Dr. Scott Chambers



School Administration


Canon-McMillan High School

Ms. Brittany Taylor



Canon-McMillan High School
Academic Principal

Ms. Jenna Handra


Canon-McMillan High School
Academic Principal

Mr. Thomas Orr


Canonsburg Middle School

Mr. Kenneth Schrag,

        Canon-McMillan Middle School                            Assistant Principal                     Mr. Vince Faith 

                                                                                                      Canon-McMillan High School                                          Assistant Principal                              Ms. Jamie Hopkins 


Cecil Intermediate School

Mr. Robert Kleinhans



North Strabane Intermediate School

Mr. Mark Abbondanza



Borland Manor Elementary

Mrs. Marella McConnell



Hills-Hendersonville Elementary

Mrs. Shelly Brose

Muse Elementary School

Mrs. Tula Dziak


Muse Elementary School
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Stephanie Hoesley


South Central Elementary

Mrs. Michelle Tomicek


Wylandville Elementary

Mrs. Shannon Balch