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                                                        OUR MISSION

The Mission of the Canon-McMillan Human Resources Department, in support of the District’s Mission, is to attract, hire, cultivate and retain the most talented professionals, non-professionals and Administrators available toward the education, support and development of our students as the leaders of tomorrow. 







Canon-McMillan School District fully understands and supports the vital role of our parent and building volunteers. In the interest of students and children throughout the Commonweath, legislation was passed in 2014 (Act 153) and 2015 (Act 15) mandating background clearances for school employees and unpaid volunteers. Per Board Policy 910.1, all "direct contact" volunteers - those who will be responsible for the care, supervision, guidance/control and/or have routine interaction with children - will be required to submit mandatory clearances listed below. Please refer to the Board Policy for specific definitions and guidelines.

Also, general guidelines and criteria for Volunteer Clearances is provided in the PA Department of Human Services publication ‘Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions’.

If the scope of your volunteer activities within the District does require clearances, you can initiate the process with the following links:

DPW Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151) - fee waived
PA State Police Criminal Background Check (Act 114)– fee waived
FBI Fingerprinting Check (Service Code: 1KG6XN) - $22.60

**Volunteer Affidavit in Lieu of FBI Fingerprint Check:A Notarized Volunteer Affidavit can be provided in lieu of FBI fingerprint clearance if the volunteer has resided in PA for the last 10 consecutive years.



Volunteers Before January 1, 2016

Acts 153 and 15 extended the validity of clearances for employees and volunteers to 60 months (5 years). Those volunteers and employees with the District during the calendar year 2015 renewal cycle will be on the next renewal cycle in 2019/2020 and will begin to receive reminders for renewal during that time.

Volunteers After January 1, 2016

Current clearances obtained for other volunteer activities with other organizations will be accepted as long as they are under 1 year old.


MANDATORY TRAINING - Act 31 and Act 126

In accordance with Board Policy 910.1, all "direct contact" volunteers "shall attend orientation and training sessions, as appropriate to the nature of their volunteer service." To meet this requirement, the District directs all new volunteers to complete the 3 hour, online Act 31 training offered by the University of Pittsburgh and the PA Child Welfare Resource Center. Registration is required to access this video. Once completed, the training portal will grant a certificate of completion which should be printed and presented to the building principal or Administrator overseeing your area of activity.



Per Board Policy 910.1, the District adheres to the PA Department of Health guideline of 10 hours per week as the threshold for volunteer TB testing. If your volunteer activities entail 10 or more hours per week of direct contact with children, you are required to have a TB test. In addition, if you will be acting as a chaperone or assistant on an overnight or extended trip with students, you are also required to have a TB test. Please direct any questions you might have regarding your specific activity and need for testing to your building principal or the District Human Resources Department.


Any other, specific questions not answered by this resource should be directed to either the building administrator where you would like to volunteer or the District’s Human Resources Department.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Canon-McMillan School District.