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    Gov. Wolf has closed all Pennsylvania schools for the remainder of the school year so we have transitioned to online schooling. Visit the Coronavirus Update Center for more information. Free lunch services are being offered at Canon-McMillan High School, Canonsburg Middle School, Muse Elementary and Wylandville Elementary Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11-12. Visit the articles on the district's homepage for more information!

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Our Mission

The mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide the proper technology to help improve student opportunities and help to optimize the administration operations.

The Canon-McMillan School District wants to give every possible option to help students use their abilities to build their path to the future. By providing the proper equipment the district is providing a technology environment in which each student can learn, develop, and build to a brighter future of tomorrow.

The Technology Department is an integral part of Canon-McMillan's day to day operations. Providing the means for students to achieve and education relevant to today's technical world, are our primary goals.

The Technology Department services and supports all District departments in the planning, development and application of computer technology, as it pertains to each department. Technology has become a vehicle in which services and applications necessary for the district operations have become more cost effective, streamlined and integrated. 

District Hardware

Each K-4 classrooms is equipped with five computers and a teacher computer. The libraries are equipped with two computers and a teacher computer.

The 5-6 classrooms are equipped with five computers and a teacher computer. The 5-6 grade libraries are equipped with 14 computers and a teacher computer. The buildings also have a lab consisting of 30 computers and a teacher computer.

The Middle School has five computer labs, each equipped with 25-30 computers and a teacher computer. The library has 30 workstations, a librarian computer, and a circulation computer.

The High School has eight labs, each equipped with 20-25 computers and a teacher computer. The library has 20 computer stations and a teacher station. The high school also has 19 Classroom of the Future mobile carts containing 30 laptops each.

District Infrastructure

The District is connected through a Wide Area Network. The buildings are wired using CAT5 cabling using speeds of 100mb to 1000mb. Fiber connections between data closets and buildings run the main central data hub.

We house and maintain a total of 36 servers providing a wide range of services throughout the district.

The following buildings are directly connected via a Fiber connection:

Canon McMillan High School
North Strabane Intermediate
South Central Elementary
Canonsburg Middle School
Borland Manor Elementary
Support Facility
Central Office

The remaining buildings are conneted using Verizon Metro Ethernet Services to our WAN(Wide Area Network):

Wylandville Elementary
Muse Elementary
Cecil Intermediate

Services Provided

The Technology department provides the following services for the District:

- Network Implementation and Repair
- PC Repair
- ID Badges
- PC Installation
- Data Backups - (on and offsite)
- Website Management and Development
- E-mail Services
- Software Implementation
- Content Filtering
- Copy Center


Directory of Technology
Mr. Justin Heckman

Network Administrator
Mr. Andrew Belcastro

Software Specialist
Mr. Michael Kelley

Computer Technician
Mr. Chris Zalaznik