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FID vs. Snow Days

As shared in the past, Canon-McMillan School District has been approved for five (5) Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs), which may be used in place of a school day that would be canceled because of inclement weather or another emergency situation. On a FID, students will complete remote instruction/learning activities and assignments provided by their teachers at home. This is contrary to a school cancellation where there is no instructional work and the day will be made up later in the school year.

The benefit of implementing a FID is that it does not require additional make-up days when school is canceled, which could shorten the spring break or extend the school year. The District received approval for five (5) FIDs to use this school year if necessary.

How does the district determine if a Snow Day or a FID will be used? If the district receives information that there will be inclement weather in advance then a FID will likely be used. If the inclement weather is unexpected then a Snow Day will likely occur. FIDs will be treated as asynchronous learning days, which means that lessons and instruction must be posted by 10:00 AM. Coursework can be completed at any point during the day as long as it is submitted the next school day.

Families were sent a survey to determine how many chromebooks would be needed should a FID occur. If you indicated as needing a device, those students will receive a loaner device the day before an anticipated weather event then return it the next in-person day per the signed agreement.

If there are any additional questions regarding FIDs, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions link or contact your building principal.

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Canon-McMillan School District