Superintendent's Message


Dear Canon-McMillan School District Parents/Guardians and Staff,

First, we hope you are having a very safe, healthy and happy summer break! Though the last school year was a challenging one, we want to thank you for making it a successful one as well! Through combined efforts from all of you and the protocols in place at the District, we were able to return to four days a week of in-person instruction with a limited number of school closures.

Based on input from the school community (98% of parents) the Pandemic Team recommended the Canon-McMillan School District start the 2021-2022 School Year with 5 days a week in person learning and no remote option with optional face coverings.  A Health and Safety Plan tailored to the unique needs of the school district was approved on June 24, 2021.  The  Health and Safety Plan identifies how the district will maintain a safe environment for students and staff while providing instructional and non-instructional programs. 

Please take a few moments to review the Health and Safety Plan (and the approved Athletic Safety Plan) for the return of school on August 26, 2021. Please be aware that the plans are based on current guidelines which are subject to change at any given time. Click here to enroll your student(s) for the 2021-2022 school year.

Thank you, as always, for your partnership in assuring Canon-McMillan’s continued success! 


Canon-McMillan School District


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